Breaker Morant – The definitive Study, Criminal or Scapegoat?

Work is progressing steadily to complete and publish a book on the life and death of Breaker Morant and his two comrades, Lieutenants Peter Handcock and George Witton.  This enthralling book will expose the conspiracy that has prevented justice being delivered to their descendants and lack of moral turpitude of successive British Governments to instigate an independent judicial inquiry into how these men were treated, the secrecy that surrounded their arrest, trial and sentencing and deception inflicted by the British Government and Military Commander, Lord Kitchener on the Australian Government and its people of 1902.

This work will draw on fact and evidence about Breaker’s life and his execution along with Peter Handcock and will debunk myth and self serving claims of those who seek to prevent the truth from being exposed and justice delivered. A book of military and legal history about a chapter of Australia’s first war and the controversy that continues to this day!

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  1. jamesunkles says:

    Thanks Rae, the book will be worth waiting for, hopefully in the month or two. The first and most authoritative study of Breaker’s life and most importantly, the focused work to expose the illegal manner in which these men were investigated, tried and sentenced for the crimes of their British superiors, Lord Kitchener in particular. The book will do what other amateur and professional historians have failed to do or understand, the laws of 1902 and the legal issues about how these men were tried. Importantly, the book will detail how the case for independent review has been put in the present and the denial that has protected the interest of the British government. The book also features the level of support for review from senior legal, community and political figures, including Geoffrey Robinson, QC, Sir Laurence Street, QC, former Chief Justice of the NSWs Supreme Court and many others. The literary style is engaging and will of interest to students, lawyers, and all people who enjoy Australian history and what it takes to fight an injustice that remain to this day. After the book is launched I will be doing presentation tours about the subjects and history. Look forward to your feedback, regards, James

  2. Rae Luckie says:

    Hi James

    Wish your book was out now :-). I have just enrolled in a GradDip Local Family and Applied History at UNE and among our first assignment topics there is one relating to Breaker Morant. I had read Nick Bleszynski about 10 years ago but purely from a literary point of view when I was doing a PhD on auto/biographical write looking in part at ‘hybrid forms’. So have been searching re the Breaker – found your article, which led me to your site and also found Bronwyne Thomason’s PhD, Craig Wilcox’s writings among others. Although I am only doing a short literature review I was absolutely moved by your passion and drive in pursuing this issue. Would be interested to know the ‘format/structure’ of your book as I think for the major assignment I will be in part looking at narrative and history.

    Kind regards

    Rae Luckie

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