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2 Responses to Contact

  1. jamesunkles says:

    Thanks Chris, I don’t accept these men were guilty. That’s what I am now appealing through the petitions, to get an indpendent review of the trials. I do not belive these men received fair trails in accordance with the law of 1902 and the convictions are unsafe.

    Secondly, they were Australians, (remember Australia didn’t have a spohiscated residency, national identity laws at the time). The men were vounteers under British command. They had never been Australian Army officers nor had they left the Aust Army. Morant and Handcock were executed as Australians by the British and remian the first and last. Join me in a ‘push’ for an inquiry and hopefully we can have these questions answered by an independent inquiry.

  2. Christopher Jobson says:

    You seem to miss the point; firstly Morant, Handcock and Witton were ALL guilty; secondly, they were NOT Australian officers at the time. They left the Australian Army and joined the Bush Veldt Carbineers as BRITISH ARMY officers (Morant, for example, had previously been a LCPL in the South Australian Mounted Rifles) and the Carbineers was a BRITISH UNIT on the “British Order of Battle” – they were NOT ATTACHED to the Carbineers). FACT: NO Australian soldier has ever been executed by the British !!!! The Problem is most Australians who support you are not aware of the facts !!!!!

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