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Justice at last for Morant, Hancock, Witton and Thomas

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Legal Matters with Tim Shaw on 2UE Sunday nights from 6pm.


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The interview with Red Symons last about 05:15 minutes

abc radio WA

Michael Hancock, the great grandson of Lieutenant Peter Handcock was interviewed on ABC radio W.A on 29 July 2011. Michael’s plea is compelling as he explains on behalf of descendants the anguish and shame that has been with the families for decades as they seek an independent hearing into the case for pardons

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Trevor Chappell interview, The story of Breaker Morant and his court martial and execution during the Boer War is now part of our military memory, and the question of whether justice was served to Morant and fellow soldiers, Peter Handcock and George Witton, is still being discussed. However, for the first time there is a legal review of the case initiated by Jim Unkles, a military lawyer which aims to show that a grave miscarriage of justice occurred, and that all three men should be pardoned posthumously

The interview last about 29 minutes


Drive with Paul Bevan | 1233 ABC Newcastle

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