An extraordinary find at the municipal tip at Tenterfield, New South Wales earlier in 2016Talk about treasure in trash! ‘Priceless’ Aussie items uncovered has focused attention on the lives and execution of Lieutenants  Breaker Harry Morant, Peter Handcock and George Witton during the Boer war, http://,

The items were found stored in an old hessian bag discarded with other rubbish destined to be buried as land fill!  Perhaps the most valuable item is a red ensign Australian flag that bears the handwriting of Major J.F.Thomas, the lawyer who defended these men at their courts martial between January and February 1902.  Thomas’ comments on the flag bears witness to his claim that the men were the scapegoats for the crimes of their British superiors for orders to take no prisoners.

Breaker artefacts include  –the inscribed Australian flag that draped the grave of Lieutenants Morant and Handcock, some other items have emerged.  The following images of the falg bear the handwriting of Major Thomas the lawyer who defended these men, inscriptions include: utter scapegoats of the empire, Lt Henry. H Morant Dec 9th 1864 Feb 27th 1902 RIP, Peter. J  Handcock Feb 17th 1868 Feb 27th 1902 RIP, a bayonet scabbard with initials HM, silver cigarette case initials, H.M, British penny, used for  identification, inscribed  EDWIN HENRY MORANT  damaged by what may be a bullet ricochet, a British penny 1900, Queen Victoria, inscribed, good luck to Australian Bushmen Corps 1900.  This penny is of great significance since it appears it was minted specifically to honour Australian volunteers.

Significant historical items that record the story of the injustice suffered by Lieutenants Morant, Handcock and Witton. The items are now being forensically examined. The flag discovered is the same flag shown in the attached picture of Major Thomas, covering the Morant / Handcock grave.

Breaker Morant’s possessions may have been found at Tenterfield tip

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