My Motivation In Seeking Posthumous Pardons

Justice Denied – Lieutenants Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant, Peter Handcock and George Witton James Unkles: I am an experienced barrister and solicitor, having worked as a Police and Crown prosecutor and as a military lawyer; I have specialised in criminal law and have...

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The Australian Parliament Has Spoken!

Buchholz house of reps Kelly house of reps Danby house of reps Transcript - 12.02.18 - PMB - Morant, Lieutenant Harry 'Breaker'; Handcock, Lieutenant Peter; Witton, Lieutenant George February 12 th 2018, an historic day in resolving the controversial case of the trial...

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Breaker Song                                                                                     Breaker Morant Retrial 

Breakers Cry

by James Unkles


Breaker Morant Retrial

Click the link to watch the webcast of the retrial – In the Supreme Court of Victoria 20 July 2013